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Curbed Hamptons: To Help Home Sales, Cancel Halloween

1) East End: There aren't a lot of haunted houses in the East End come Halloween time, and earlier this week, the Southhampton Press dared to ask why. Apparently, haunted houses don't sell real estate. Proof: in 1991, a $650,000 house sale failed to go through because the seller didn't tell the buyer how haunted her house was.

2) Southampton: The Southampton Village Review Board has okayed a controversial tear-down at 450 Gin Lane. The building is a 1900 carriage house called Tide's End, part of the Grenville Kane Walker estate now on the market for $19.9 million. There's reportedly a buyer interested on the condition that the house is torn down. Destructoporn to come!

3) Long Beach: Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner is not leaving his $10 million pad in Montauk for Quogue -- instead, he's purchased a $2 million place in Long Beach. Listing broker Susan Solomon said "it's a big piece of property and it's on the ocean," but the three-bedroom has also been described as "modest." Who to believe?
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