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Modern Fifth Avenue Gem Now a 'Big Box Opportunity'

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When it comes to matters of architectural pedigree and import, we trust the opinion of one man and one man only, Carter B. Horsely, and dude friggin' loves 510 Fifth Avenue. The five-floor glass box at 43rd Street was built in the early '50s and, according to Horse, "is a modern landmark that advanced the clean lines of Lever House, also designed, two years earlier, by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, and solidified its glass-curtain-wall revolution in urban design." This revolutionary is looking for some new comrades! A tipster noticed a for-lease sign up in the window, which steered us to the listing, which led us to a phone call with broker David Badner, who told us Chase bank declined to pick up the option on the final year of its lease. Elie Tahari owns the building (and occupies the top floors) and is willing to lease out just the old Chase space or the entire building, hence the big-box potential. Badner tells us several "major apparel retailers" have scoped out the space. Would the building become any less significant if, say, Baby Gap moved in?
· Listing: 510 Fifth Avenue [Norman Bobrow & Co.]

510 Fifth Avenue

510 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY