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Larry Silverstein Thinks He Is Vital to WTC Progress

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After an initial rage-filled outburst on all sides this summer, Larry Silverstein and the Port Authority have been mostly quiet about their World Trade Center dispute. But now, at last, Silverstein speaks! Downtown Express was there to catch his words at a conference earlier this week. Silverstein's side of the story: the Port Authority needs him or the "damn thing" won't get built. The current Port Authority execs are "not bad people" (we're guessing some of his best friends work there, in fact!), but they "don't have the experience, don't have the ability, don't have the comprehension of what it takes, the need for timely decisions." Oh, burn!

Trash-talking aside, though, is anything actually happening with the arbitration dispute? Silverstein said he's just given two weeks of testimony, and the Port is in the middle of giving its two weeks. The arbitration process could be done by the end of the year. If Leisure Suit Larry gets what he wants -- money -- he could finish all three of his office towers by 2016. Otherwise, he's planning to stick around until the project gets done. Cryogenicists are standing by.
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