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State Attorney General Wants to Chat with Sam Chang

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The career of voracious hotel developer Sam Chang reached a crescendo earlier this month when the New York Times wrote a long and mostly glowing profile on the man who climbed out of bankruptcy twice to build 37, er, "cosmetically-challenged" budget hotels in New York City (with 22 more planned). Today the McSam Hotel Group mastermind has his name back in the papers, albeit under far different circumstances. The state attorney general's office served him with a subpoena in the investigation of a contractor that allegedly underpaid hundreds of immigrant workers using a three-tiered pay scale based on the workers' race. That's a no-no!

The investigation into EMC Contracting began in 2006 after a "melee" at a Chang construction site on West 26th Street between EMC foremen and union picketers. The attorney general is now looking at 21 different sites where EMC did concrete work, one-third of which were Sam Chang projects. Chang will testify on November 11 about his relationship with EMC, and though he says he's only a witness, law enforcement officials tell the Times action may be taken against the developer. So what does all this mean? Probably that we shouldn't expect Chang's Fourth Avenue eyesore to improve any time soon.
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