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High Line Chooses Not to Take Park in Halloween Trickery

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The High Line has taken heat in the past for shutting down due to excessive interest, and the airborne walkway will once again close up shop early this Saturday evening. The Parks Department has announced that, "Due to anticipated heavy event-related crowds in the neighborhood during the Village Halloween Parade," the High Line will be off-limits starting at 5 p.m. No costumed hijinks up on the High Line? Disappointing! But that doesn't mean the High Line is all tricks and no treats.

Above is the latest bit of High Line hardware from architects Diller, Scofidio and Renfro. Namely it's the 14th Street Elevator that rises from the foot of the skeletal High Line Building at 450 West 14th Street to deposit park-goers up on the rails. The ride offers a jaundiced view of Pier 57 to the northwest and the entire state of New Jersey beyond. Right now the new people mover is still in the experimental stage, so for a sure thing folks are advised to use the original elevator at 16th Street just east of Tenth Avenue?just not on Saturday night, unless you feel like meeting a bunch of guys in very convincing NYPD costumes.
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