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Battle of the Washington Place Townhouses Has a Winner!

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For most of the summer a quiet war raged on Washington Street. Two historic Greenwich Village townhouses just steps from one another both sat on the market with fairly severe price cuts, begging to be claimed. Which would sell first? The saga threatened to destroy us all. But no longer!

The first contestant was 112 Washington Place, a wreck of a six-story house snapped up by a developer in '07 for $3.5 million and given an ultra-modern gut renovation. It was put back on the market for $9.95 million, and later that price was raised to $10.2 million before getting PriceChopped down to $8.195 million.

Then we had 122 Washington Place, a two-family Federal also recently renovated, but in a more traditional manner. Less of an architectural statement, perhaps, but probably more broadly appealing. It was asking $7.45 million, and when we crossed its path, that price had been knocked down to $6.495 million.

So who's the lucky winner? Well, it depends on how you define the word. At the end of September, 112 Washington sold for $7.25 million. That's 29% off its listing-price high. Meanwhile, 122 Washington is still on the market, and the price was just decreased another 8%, to $5.995 million. If the house ends up selling at that price, it would be 20% off the original ask. So depending on how you judge such death matches, maybe 122 Washington still has a bit of life left in it. But even if that's the case, surely 112 Wash deserves a ribbon or a pat on the back for selling at nearly $3,000 per square foot.
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112 Washington Place

112 Washington Place, New York, NY