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LIC's Field of Dreams Comes Back From the Dead

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Back when the new six-acre section of Long Island City's waterfront Gantry Plaza State Park was unveiled to much hammockry in July, there was a whole lot of lush grass?a neighborhood Great Lawn, if you will. But residents of the nearby Queens West towers may have noticed that a big chunk of that verdant paradise has already been dug up. What is the cause of such brutality?! A tipster helpfully explains:

The new addition to LIC’s Gantry State Park is already being ripped up to put in a new playground. I believe the playground was part of the masterplan but was shelved because of lack of funds. However, it seems like they found more money and now they started to build the playground. Go stimulus money. I think?
Take us down to Long Island City, where the grass was green but the playground'll be pretty. Visual timeline in the gallery above.
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