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Development Du Jour: Williamsburg's 69 Berry Street

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Location: 69 Berry Street at North 10th Street
Size: Six full-floor units
Prices: $599,000 to $699,000
Architect: KSQ Architects
Developer: Essex Capital
Sales & Marketing: Corcoran
Lowdown: Williamsburg's 69 Berry Street -- alias 128 North 10th Street -- is just hitting the market, with six full-floor units (the bottom one, though, is already reserved for the building's previous owner). The deets: each unit is a little under 1,000 square feet, with direct elevator access, one bedroom, a home office, "Zen-inspired" bathrooms, and "unprecedented light." Best of all, they have a broker who isn't afraid to stick up for her building. She said last month that 69 Berry Street is "not really one of these behemoth power buildings that were never quite right for the neighborhood." Let's hope 69 Berry sells quickly, because at this rate, it won't be making friends with any of the other buildings in the neighborhood.

69 Berry Street

69 Berry Street, Brooklyn, NY