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MoMA Mia! Nouvel Wants His 200 Feet Back!

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French starchitect Jean Nouvel has twice before shown up at city agency hearings to campaign for his Tower Verre, and he'll do it again today, we hear. Why? The stunning hotel/apartments/galleries skyscraper planned next to the Museum of Modern Art in Midtown goes before a City Council subcommittee this morning, but after the City Planning Commission sliced 200 feet off the top of the tower, surely enough of a compromise has been made to sneak Nouvel's signature on the New York skyline through the final stages of the land-use review process, no? Get this: The Observer's Eliot Brown reports that Hines?the developer of the now 1,050' tall building?will request the proposed height of 1,250' be restored to the proposal, a stunning development that will no doubt explode the brains of Tower Verre's small but very vocal opposition. As for the rumor that Nouvel is off the project, his appearance should waylay those concerns, but all bets are off if the size choppage remains.
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Tower Verre

53 West 53rd Street, New York, NY

53 W 53rd St

53 West 53rd Street, Manhattan, NY 10019