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UES Move Causes Identity Crisis

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A renter files a stream of consciousness monologue on StreetEasy about coming to terms with a housing hunt that ends on the Upper East Side: "SOOOOO, after all of this, oh Gosh, I can't even believe I am going to say this... let me take a sip of coffee.. ahem... I think we are seriously considering a ... oh gosh...a studio (deep breath) apartment in a full-service doorman building on the... the... the... Upper East Side! What The?? WHere's my loft in TriBeCa? Where's my quaint little tenement in NoLita? The gorgeous brownstone on the UWS? The walk-up in the East Village? The pre-war awesomeness in the West Village? what? I can't handle the grit on the LES? WHO IS THIS PERSON I AM?!?!" [StreetEasy]