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New Looks at Fulton Street's Subway-Happy Future

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The startling observation that large pieces of metal are currently being laid in a giant hole in Lower Manhattan to form what will one day be known as the Fulton Street Transit Center shook us all to our very cores. But look upon this Tribeca Trib story, doubters, and come to grips with the fact that the oft-delayed and over-budget attempt at untangling the World Trade Center's subway spaghetti is, as they say, "on track." According to the MTA the project will finish in 2014, oculus and all. It's the same timeline detailed in a recent MTA presentation to a Community Board 1 subcommittee, which a tipster passed along. The packet had a bunch of up-to-date renderings on various facets of the project, including a glimpse at the restored and retail-friendly Corbin Building. Get your transpo fix in the photo gallery above.
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