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Extell, LPC Begin World War III on 57th Street

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At Extell Development's 225 West 57th Street, we're finally getting to our favorite rite of passage: the Landmarks Preservation Commission slapfight! The LPC dared to start the landmark designation process on 225 West 57th and connected 1780 Broadway without the developer's okay in July, a move to which we and fifth graders everywhere say oooh. Now everyone's taking sides, with Extell getting City Council members to fight back against landmarking the site, where Extell plans a $1 billion-plus commercial building. On the other side: preservationists, who didn't care much about the buildings -- built in 1909 and part of the "Automobile Row" strip of car dealerships -- one way or the other until the LPC decided to get into it. The fisticuffs may yet end in compromise, since Extell and co. have asked that only 1780 Broadway be landmarked and 225 West 57th demolished. Until then, we're taking bets in the comments.
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