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Atlantic Yards Remix: Envisioning a Nets Arena Gone Green

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We've seen some zany re-imaginings of the Barclays Center arena and assorted other Atlantic Yards elements over the years (even contributing our own every now and then), but this one?via the blog Restless?is really something special. Let's let Restless explain: "This design is guaranteed to invalidate all complaints about crappy architecture and how the arena might fit into the surrounding environment -- by burying the whole thing beneath a gigantic mound covered in grass, in a style the ancients referred to as 'green architecture.'"

And about the highway? "To pay off the bonds needed to complete the project, the mound can be covered with billboards, like any other arena. Then the BQE can be re-routed by the mound so there's an audience for the billboards." We added some big red question marks to the rendering because we felt this was the type of thing that needed big red question marks.
· Maya Lin to Atlantic Yards [Restless]

Barclays Center

Atlantic Avenue at Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY