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Doing more harm to French-U.S. relations, a tipster passes along word that a pair of City Council subcommittees approved Jean Nouvel's MoMA Tower at a height of 1,050 feet this morning. After the 1,250' tower lost 200 feet at the hands of the City Planning Commission, Nouvel and the skyscraper's developer asked that the full height be restored. Correct us if we're wrong, ULURP geeks, but the 53 West 53rd Street proposal now heads back to City Planning for certification, and then onto a full City Council vote on October 29. Will Nouvel bother to stick around? [CurbedWire]

Tower Verre

53 West 53rd Street, New York, NY

53 W 53rd St

53 West 53rd Street, Manhattan, NY 10019