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Parents' Protest over Battery Park City Playground DENIED

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For a little while, it looked like the small band of parents agitating to save the old playground at West Thames Park might get somewhere. At the eleventh hour, they got the state to agree to draft a new design, one that preserved elements of the beloved Tire Swing Park. Viva la revolution! But not for long. The Battery Park City Commission met earlier this week and agreed that the state's original design -- the one with an 11,500-square-foot lawn and age-restricted playgrounds -- is better. And then there was the fairness issue. "Even if you do like [the alternate option] better," said committee co-chairman Jeff Galloway, "it's not so much better that you jeopardize the lawn, the basketball courts, the community gardens and the dog run." In other words: no dog run? Fine! No Tire Swing Park! Neener neener.
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