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On the East Village Market #1: Whiteout at the A Building

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A pair of very notable East Village properties have recently popped up on the market, and here's our take on the first one. Notorious party monster the A Building just got some publicity for its flip cup and karaoke ways, which we suppose has its appeal among certain crowds of folks looking to drop millions on a newish condo. And so with interest at a high, one of the East 13th Street building's penthouses has just hit the resale market at an asking price of $2.35 million.

Penthouse D is a 2BR, 2.5BA apartment with a pretty big private terrace that the broker stresses is "SOUTH FACING," because that's the side of the A Building that doesn't peer right into Stuy Town. The apartment was bought for $2.05 million in 2008, and there's been just enough time since to import those zebra skins. Fairly stark look, but it's not all black and white. Since this is a penthouse there is a glimpse of the Cetra/Ruddy-designed building's tippy top red trim, which, given the A Building's reputation, is probably not the first time the word "trim" has been used in discussing it. To the floorplan we go:

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