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Development Du Jour: Greenpoint's Century Vintage

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Location: 100 Engert Avenue between Eckford Street and Graham Avenue
Size: One- and two-bedrooms, 750-1,010 square feet
Prices: $475,000 to $599,000 on listings released so far
Architect: ADG Architecture and Design
Sales & Marketing:

"Retro" is the buzzword at Century Vintage, where units are starting to pop onto the market (buy now for proximity to the McCarren Park Pool skate park!). The building seems to consider itself a monkey in the middle between "hip" Williamsburg and "historic" Greenpoint. As per the listing: 100 Engert Ave has an "industrial grey brick" exterior, and the interiors are accented with old-timey signs and an even more convincing "staged vintage lobby." We aren't sure whether Williamsburg or Greenpoint would want to claim the common vegetable garden. Will this be a successful inter-neighborhood marriage?

The Century Vintage

100 Engert Avenue, Brooklyn, New York