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Soho Activist Would Rather Not Have Another Den of Sin

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As the ancient Chinese proverb goes, "No one-story Soho commercial building stands forever." And so, the wrecking ball will come calling for 73-75 Sullivan Street if a developer's attempt to get a zoning change on the block between Spring and Broome succeeds. The site is currently a bakery and a shuttered pasta maker, and The Villager reports that Zaccaro Realty?which has an interesting history?wants to raze the property to build a five-story building with commercial use on the ground floor and residential above. But a zoning variance is needed to allow for new commercial development on the residential block, hence the controversy.

Sean Sweeney, bulldog of Soho, doesn't want to see a bar or a restaurant with a noisy sidewalk cafe on the quiet block. He says Zaccaro has a checkered past, including allowing the old Ravioli Store at 75 Sullivan to re-open as the Fuck Club, which "ruined the quality of life of the block for months until we had the city close it down." Yeesh, what a Puritan. Dr. Oz says we're in a sexual famine, so something called the Fuck Club would probably only boost the quality of life of a neighborhood. Don't fight science, Sweeney.
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Photo via PropertyShark.