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Nolita's 211 Elizabeth Back on the Market and Showing Off

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Hell froze over back when Nolita's 211 Elizabeth Street was unveiled to the Curbediverse in April '08, and by that we mean the commenters all pretty much fell in love with the place. With wood sufficiently knocked, the building has led something of a charmed existence ever since. The hand-laid and incredibly expensive red brick facade came out looking gorgeous, a high-end street-level retail tenant was signed and the penthouse closed for just under $7 million, a neighborhood record for price-per-square-foot. Now things get really fun!

After that initial burst of activity (one of the developers also bought a crash pad in the building for his kid, the lucky bastard), 11 of the 15 units remain unsold. In fact, the seven-story building's listings?they're all one- or two-bedroom apartments?were pulled from the market a few months back. But they're back now, and a press release announcing 211 Elizabeth's grand return to the sordid business of selling real estate quotes a developer as saying, "We wanted to come back on to the market with a fully realized product."

We believe him, because 211 Elizabeth now has a finished model unit (photos in the gallery above) that really should be seen. The building was designed by Roman & Williams, of late also responsible for the hipster chic Ace Hotel and the Russian mafia fantasy known as The Standard's Boom Boom Room. Bravo, R-Dubz. So, with times a bit tough and the units returning to market and in need of some attention, are there discounts to be had? Um, no. The prices are the same, save for one apartment that actually got raised 2% to $2.25 million. The price range on the 11 remaining units is $1.6 million to $3.9 million. No bargain, but hey, the holiday shopping season is coming up.
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211 elizabeth street

211 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY