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Cheyenne Diner is Armed & Dangerous in Alabama

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Oh, the pains of seeing a local landmark living it up in a sunnier locale! The Cheyenne Diner, which for decades lorded over the corner of Ninth Avenue and 33rd Street (before being sold off to make way for condos, one day), has nearly completed its road trip to Alabama. The classic diner was recently ripped out of the Manhattan ground, only to leave behind a sad reminder of burgers past. Remember when the Cheyenne's move to Red Hook was aborted due to alleged transportation headaches? Check out what the new owners have had to deal with.

Via Chelsea Now, details on the move:

The 69-year-old, art deco diner—which was purchased by a pair of ’Bama buyers earlier this year—couldn’t head directly to the Heart of Dixie because its bulky load required a number of permits for interstate travel. The nearly 100-foot-long flatbed trucks carrying the diner in two sections required certain roads and bridges to be closed along the way, sending the new owners scrambling to get approval for the move.Yeah, they're taking the whole thing pretty seriously down south. The diner is resting on temporary foundations "in an undisclosed location near Birmingham" with a 24-hour security detail to protect it from vandals. Says one of the co-owners: "Nobody's going to mess with it. Somebody will get shot." Ready to kill over the Cheyenne? Yikes, maybe Red Hook didn't deserve the thing after all.
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