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On Prospect Park: A Tale of Two Meier Reviews

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Ever since the New York Times made us feel sorry for On Prospect Park and its handful of residents, we've wanted another peek at life inside Brooklyn's bird killer. Finally, two local bloggers have come forward to satisfy us! Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn emerged from a book reading at 1 Grand Army Plaza with a rave review (and a red Richard Meier on Prospect Park West goodie bag!):

the event was in the living room/kitchen of a Plaza Street facing apartment on the third floor—a columned space that can comfortably seat 100 people. The kitchen had an enormous counter/island with some gorgeous looking appliances that sort of disappear seamlessly into the walls. (Maybe that's why some residents have trouble finding their microwaves?)

We were all set to rush over with an offer...but then we turned to the other review. Fucked in Park Slope liked little about the place beyond the floor-to-ceiling windows (Richard Meier: bringing The Standard to Brooklyn).

The apt was laid out like a reverse railroad (in a straight horizontal line, instead of a vertical line). HATED that. I don't know anyone who specifically likes a railroad layout for an apt, so who the fuck wants to pay a few millies for a REVERSE RAILROAD? (A. apparently no one since the apt is still empty)...I didn't notice any gorgeous interior fittings, any really beautiful door knobs, killer faucets, or really anything else that screamed: I JUST PAID 4 MILLION DOLLARS FOR THIS APARTMENT! Thankfully, the building's prices are still dropping like birds.
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Richard Meier On Prospect Park

1 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY 11238