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CurbedWire: Classy vs. Hip in Hotel Unveilings

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UPPER EAST SIDE?Attention, high society: The Surrey, the East 76th Street hotel known more for its prime UES location at Madison Avenue than anything else, is ready to raise the curtain on its uber-luxe face lift. The hotel is having a grand opening party on Thursday night. The website has some details on the renovation, including a new rooftop garden and a lobby bar serviced by Daniel Boulud. HotelChatter got a sneak peek inside the place a few weeks ago (that's their entrance photo at right), and they liked what they saw ("If you love The Carlyle, then you will love The Surrey.") Rates from the ridiculous to the astronomical. [CurbedWire Inbox]

EAST VILLAGE?Speaking of fancy hotels and their fancy parties (but with a more downtown vibe), we now know when the Cooper Square Hotel's graffiti mural thingie will be finished. The East Village's favorite Dubaiesque tower is having a party in its library next Tuesday to celebrate the unveiling of its "Art Wall Project." [CurbedWire Inbox]