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Ponzi PriceChopper: Madoff's UES Pad Drops $1 Million

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The former Upper East Side home of schemer Bernard Madoff has faced the PriceChopper and come out $1 million cheaper. Bernie's duplex penthouse, 133 East 64th Street #PHA to be precise, just dropped its price to $8.9 million, according to StreetEasy. (Buy now, refill with all of the Madoffs' original stuff.) The Feds first put the ponzilicious penthouse up for grabs -- with nary a reference to its scandalous past -- in mid-September, asking a higher-than-expected $9.9 million. Looks like the Montauk market for scandal-plagued trophy properties is a lot hotter.
· Listing: 133 East 64th Street [Sotheby's]
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133 East 64th Street

133 East 64th Street, New York, NY