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Landmarks Commission Backs Down on 57th Street Fight

What was shaping up to be a nasty little preservation scrap ended with a whimper. This morning the Landmarks Preservation Commission voted 6-3 to designate 1780 Broadway, one of two old BF Goodrich buildings on "Automobile Row," a protected landmark. Its sister building, 225 West 57th Street, which preservationists argued was also of importance, was de-calendared from consideration. The LPC had fast-tracked the landmarking process on both buildings in the wake of megadeveloper Extell's plans to develop a large mixed-use tower on the site. Extell's strategy was to support the 1780 Broadway designation and recruit numerous politicians and others to lobby against the landmarking of 225 West 57th Street, arguing it would jeopardize the project. It was a rare all-out anti-landmarking blitz, and it paid off. Yesterday the Observer's Eliot Brown reported that LPC boss Bob Tierney was leaning towards blessing the 1-out-of-2 compromise. Sorry, fight fans, we're still looking for our new 980 Madison-style developer/LPC dust-up.
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