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Dubbeldam Beats the Odds and Rises at 33 Vestry

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A year and a half ago, sage minds were taking bets on the chances that glassy new development V33 in North Tribeca would survive a braced-up neighbor threatening to crash down on its recently cleared lot. This one, from architect Winka Dubbeldam and the team at Archi-Tectonics, is a former Development Du Jour that had hit the skids, due to the Dubbel-whammy of the Lispenard Meadows curse and the mired economy. But now, the seven nine-story stack of amenity-filled condos, complete with two multi-floor townhouses, four full-floor units, and a triplex penthouse, has started to rise. It backs up to another new one that has just topped out at 52 Laight Street. Word on the street is that V33 will be fully concrete in about three months; commencing non-stop Curbed coverage now.
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33 Vestry Street

33 Vestry Street, New York, NY 10013

33 Vestry Street New York NY 10013