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CurbedWire: Trump Soho Goes Full Frontal, Coney Reaction

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SOHO?Holy Hudson Square! A tipster blows our little minds with the above photo and this note: "I've been working across the street from this mess of a construction scene for 2 years, and finally, FINALLY, they've taken down the plywood. As much as I hate Trump and the idea of this tower, it actually looks pretty nice inside. Sorry I couldn't get better pictures. Was in a rush." Will we have more on this tomorrow? You bet your comb-over! [CurbedWire Inbox]

CONEY ISLAND?How are Coney Island activists reacting to the news of city's deal with landlord Thor Equities for seven acres of sweet sweet amusement park land? Well, here's an excerpt of a statement from the Save Coney Island group, who are still upset about some of the details of the city's redevelopment plan: "The City's planned outdoor amusement area remains confined to a narrow 12-acre strip of land, squeezed in by a proposed multi-story entertainment mall and blocked off by a wall of proposed high-rise hotels rising up to 27 stories. Until the outdoor amusement area is expanded and the hotels are removed, the City's plan would permanently compromise Coney Island's potential to once again become a world-class amusement destination. Unless the City purchases the rest of Thor Equity's land, a large portion of the amusement area will remain subject to the whims of real estate speculation and the future of Coney Island will remain at risk." [CurbedWire Inbox]

Trump Soho

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