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Carroll Gardens Hell Building Back With a Vengeance

We always knew 333 Carroll Street was a special sort of Hell Building, and we were right. The long-stalled site, a residential conversion of an old manufacturing building, has just pulled off the extremely rare Scarano-to-Hot-Karl switch. Pardon Me for Asking, one of the CGHB's most dedicated followers, notes that controversial architect Karl Fischer has replaced controversial architect Robert Scarano on the project. It was Scarano who took some, uh, liberties with the zoning rules, resulting in a steel tumor sitting on top of the building untouched for years once the DOB followed up on neighbors' complaints about the addition. The neighborhood has since been downzoned, but it looks like Fischer submitted new plans just days before the rezone went into effect. A new building permit was recently issued for the conversion, including the additional floors. Writes PMFA:

It is still unclear how Fischer was able to solve the original Floor-Area-Ratio problem. The owner may have bought some air rights from other buildings. He may also have added an Ambulatory Diagnostic Health Facility, which may have given him bonus F.A.R. under the old zoning. (Under the new R6B zoning, that would not have helped.)Or, perhaps, a deal with the devil? Mwa ha ha!
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333 Carroll Street

333 Carroll Street, Brooklyn, NY