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On the Market: Renaissance Woman's Plaza Condo Combo

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Regina "Gigi" Mahon -- author of The Last Days of the New Yorker, interior decorator, and wife of former Citicorp vice-chairman Thomas Theobold -- has put her Plaza condo on the market. She's asking $22.5 million for the combination of units 501 and 502. She bought them individually for $3.66 million and $10.02 million on the same day in 2007, and from them she created what is now a 3,811-square-foot, 4BR, 5BA condo with two terraces. And if Plaza Pink isn't an official color in decorator-world yet, it should be.
· Listing: 1 Central Park South [Corcoran]
· 1 Central Park South #501-502 [StreetEasy]

The Plaza

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