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Teary Destructoporn: Washington Square Park Mounds, RIP

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The renovation rumble continues hot and heavy at Washington Square Park, where the triumphant Tucci crew set siege to the tired but treasured trio of mounds in the recently restricted southwest sector. These hallowed hills have stood strong for over 30 years, but now it must be reported that one memorable mound lies impaled, a shank of steel hammered into its heart. The two nearby mounds were apparently stunned by the assault, as there are no signs that they tried to aid their fallen brother. Meanwhile, shattered old chess tables, torn from their stations, lie tossed about and bunched for burial. Fittingly the entire quadrant is quiet as a crypt, the silence broken only by the scrounging of squirrels. Outside the fence park-goers continue with their activities, seemingly unaware of the fracas and thoroughly enjoying the newly-revamped gardens and greensward. Over $9 million will be spent to rebuild, with improved faux-turfed mounds incorporated into an expanded play area. Games of skill will also return, and wits will be tested once again all along Washington Square South.
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34 Washington Square South New York NY 10012