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CurbedWire: Long-Awaited East Village Reveal, New FiDi Hotel

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EAST VILLAGE?From deep in Alphaville, Second Street at Avenue B to be exact, a tipster writes: "209 2nd Street has had scaffolding up since I moved in around the corner two plus years ago. Today, out of nowhere, it comes down." Exciting! There's a long list of permits on this one=, but it looks like the most significant plan that got filed was from Alexandr Neratoff Architects (your rooftop additions specialist!). It called for the changing the "configuration of the interior of all floors, of the entrance to the 1st floor commercial space and of the fenestration of the 2nd floor." The Schedule A shows apartments and a restaurant. [CurbedWire Inbox]

FIDI?Can it be, a new hotel actually opened south of the World Trade Center (note: not the W)? A tipster reports that this place, Club Quarters, "opened its first few floors today. Although the upper floors are still under construction and Deutsche Bank is still coming down next door I believe it has sold out all available rooms." The upper floors are still under construction?! Sleep tight, guests. [CurbedWire Inbox]