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L Haus Shows Us What $1.4 Million in LIC Bucks Looks Like

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Our fascination with Long Island City's L Haus over the years has centered mostly on the location, the lawn and the look. All wacky stuff! Surprisingly we've never had a glimpse inside the place, and in that exact Friday sweet spot where our attention turns solely to seeking out real estate porn to while away the hours, the L Haus folks hit us up with fresh pictures inside one of the building's duplexes. It's unit #7H, sporting 2BRs (plus a home office), 2.5BAs and 1,568sf of interior space. The price tag? A high-for-L-Haus $1.4 million, but there is that enticing 623-square-foot private terrace, and a rent-to-own option if the thought of committing $1.4 million on a condo in Queens at this exact moment sets off some sort of internal alarm.
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L Haus

11-02 49th Avenue, Long Island City, New York 11101 Visit Website

11-02 49th avenue, queens, new york