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Brooklyn's Biggest Building Enters Total Amenity Overdrive

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We've already noted that when Brooklyn's for-now-tallest building, The Brooklyner, decides to try something, it tries the heck out of it. But for those who need further convincing, the Brooklyn Eagle took a tour of the new rental building at 111 Lawrence Street. On the rooftop, alongside a $7,500-a-month three-bedroom penthouse, the Eagle reports that there will be "a beach-themed common outdoor area complete with sunbeds, planted sand dunes [!!], a grill area and even an outdoor shower." A few floors down, the paper uncovered another previously unmentioned amenity -- a dog shower so owners won't have to sully their own apartments bathing their pets. Amenity overdrive lives! (We hope the developer has some kind of magical wind protection planned for those sand dunes, though.) Even facing stiff competition from DoBro's fresh crop of luxury rental towers, the Brooklyner is on its way to outcrazying them all.
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