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After Carroll Gardens Downzone, Backlash Hits Brooklyn

Alas, the smooth and applause-filled downzoning process in Carroll Gardens was apparently too uncontroversial to be anything other than a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Now, attempts at zoning expansions and rezonings in other Brooklyn neighborhoods are running into the inevitable Carroll Gardens downzone backlash. The city is pondering whether to expand the Carroll Gardens Historic District, and residents are up in arms, fearing higher property taxes and renovation costs. Over in Sunset Park, one citizens' group is worried that long-time local residents will be forced out by the rezoning that was already approved in late September. One local councilwoman's response: an anti-displacement task force.

The one place the anti-rezoners haven't penetrated appears to be Boerum Hill, where Community Board 2 voted this week to ask the city to begin the formal rezoning process. The city's next step will be a study of the area, which should leave plenty of time for zoning opponents to come out of the woodwork. Enjoy it while it lasts, Boerum Hill!
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