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Far-Off Brooklyn Condo Building Draws Blogger's Ire

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We get out to Gravesend about as often as Andrew Berman pens love letters to Trump Soho, but we're going to have to stop by more frequently to check up on how the planned condo building at Avenue V and West 11th Street is progressing. Not that we find the development particularly interesting. It's just that blogger Sheepshead Bites's reaction to said building is, well, interesting as hell! A sample from the rant aimed at the project's backers:

I mean, you bought an entire block some years ago on Avenue V and West 11th Street with the intention of building some high-end condos. I know, I know – everyone was doing it. There’s money to be made, I get it. But, well, it’s just that not everyone does it a block down from the projects, know what I mean? What? I don’t care how good the market was back then, that’s just dumb. Those projects ain’t goin’ anywhere. It’s the Marlboro projects – been there since ‘58 and has almost 4,000 people living there. They not movin’. You really thought people would want to shell out $429,000 and up for your parquet floors, elegant kitchens, and ambient gunshots in the background? Get real, man.To be fair, a SubZero could probably take a bazooka blast and still be okay, so those elegant kitchens could double as cozy climate-controlled protective shelters.
· Gravesend’s Latest Condo Keeps It (Un)Real [Sheepshead Bites]