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Gansevoort Park Gives a Sneak Preview of its Light Show

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With Christmas lights soon to be pulled out of dusty boxes all over town, the Gansevoort Park Hotel is getting ahead of the game. The rising luxury boutique hotel in the Gramurray no man's land of East 29th Street and Park Avenue South recently revealed a design revision worthy of its Meatpacking District roots. Now, tucked into the hotel's second floor above the big-boned entryway, is a display of light that covers all the colors of the rainbow. Slackers in the coffee bar across the street get the full spectrum of the on-going show (at least until 10PM) that promises to be party central when doors open in the summer of 2010. Will this light show make this Gansevoort as popular with neighbors as the west side original?
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420 Park Avenue South New York NY 10016