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Cooper Square Hotel Mural Completed, Five New Landmarks

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EAST VILLAGE?Tonight is the party to celebrate the completion of the new graffiti mural on the side of the tenement attached to the Cooper Square Hotel, and wowee zowee, there it is. We will now begin referring to the Coop as "Tropical Fantasy." [CurbedWire Staff]

TIMES SQUARE, EAST VILLAGE, CHELSEA, STATEN ISLAND?The Landmarks Preservation Commission gave its stamp to five historic NYC buildings today. Full breakdown and visuals after the jump.

1) Paramount Hotel, 235 West 46th Street: The 19-story Times Square hotel designed in the 1920s by theater builder Thomas W. Lamb in the French Renaissance style.
2) La Mama Experimental Theatre Club, 74 East 4th Street: Four-story red brick building near the Bowery built in 1873 as a social club for German-American musicians.
3) 145 Eighth Avenue and 4) 147 Eighth Avenue: Pair of three-and-a-half story Federal rowhouses between 17th and 18th Streets built in 1827 and 1828. According to LPC, "among a handful of Federal-style houses to survive north of
14th Street in Manhattan."
5) Vanderzee-Harper House, 327 Westervelt Avenue: Built in the Fort Hill, Staten Island neighborhood in 1887 combining the Queene Anne and Shingle styles. Includes a three-story tower and looks creepy/awesome. [CurbedWire Inbox]