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LIC's Gotham Center Showing Off Some Curves?

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One of developer/landlord Tishman Speyer's crazier schemes not involving Stuy Town is the Queensboro Plaza game-changer dubbed Gotham Center. The megaproject got a much-needed shot in the arm when the city's Department of Health agreed to consolidate its operations and move some 2,700 employees into a new 21-story office building at the site, triggering the tear-down of an eyesore parking garage and the beginning of construction on the building. As for the other, bigger towers that are part of Gotham Center? Uh...look over there! What? Nothing there? Oh, you must've missed it. Like we were saying, the 21-story building is now rising, and blog liQcity ran the above progress shot in a roundup of new construction around the 'hood. Checking back on the rendering, we had thought the boxy building was the one going up, but this looks a bit curvy, no? Attention restaurateurs: Come 2011, this is where those yellow stickers will be coming from.
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