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Stalled Seaport Development Back From the Dead?

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Don't bury the Morris Adjmi-designed addition to the South Street Seaport Historic District quite yet, Arrested Development fanatics. The long-stalled site at 254 Front Street, a seven-story condo building in the shadows of the Brooklyn Bridge, may have new life?albeit with a slightly different plan of action. A neighborhood tipster who stands to lose his view if the project gets built sent us this tasty bit of intel:

We were happy that nothing had happened for the last year or so in the lot. However, there have been signs of activity, and this morning I had a conversation with none other than Ben Shaoul, who has taken over the project and is building 40 rental units instead of 20 condos in the same space, while retaining the same facade. Yep, that Ben Shaoul. Via Natefind, it appears Shaoul's Magnum Realty Group got the property back in September for just $1,000. Seriously?

So is this zombie building truly back? Well, there's a fresh complaint logged with the DOB over alleged unsafe construction work, and a bit of shaking action. Following the DOB's inspection, it reported, "No construction activity at time of inspection. Site is graded, fenced with all signage and permits." No activity at time of inspection, but perhaps some rumblings from the grave?
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254 Front Street

254 Front Street, New York, NY 10038