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Brokerage Slapped for Selling Leaky Park Slope Condo

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It hasn't yet gone to trial, but a State Supreme Court judge issued a ruling on a couple's $5 million lawsuit over their wet-n-wild Park Slope condo, and it's bad news for our friends at Corcoran. Harold Einstein (a distant cousin of Albert!) and Jennifer Boyd shelled out $1.295 million in 2007 for a duplex at the four-unit 357 4th Street, and quickly realized that those Kohler soaking tubs were indeed usually soaked?by rain leaking into the apartment. Sounds like a gripe with the developer, right? Well, the judge sanctioned Corcoran for denying it had any knowledge of the leak problem, before e-mails surfaced from the brokers advancing the theory that they shuffled around appointments in the building to avoid rainy days. The judge was also displeased with the brokerage's unwillingness to share such evidence, and ordered Corcoran to pay more than $35,000 in fees accumulated by the plaintiffs. As for the lawsuit, it will continue. What's the problem? We thought rainwater recycling was a trendy touch in luxury green buildings.
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