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30 Orchard's Dirty Laundry, Another Atlantic Yards Lawsuit

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LOWER EAST SIDE?It was Cooper Square Hotel co-owner Matt Moss who once said that neighbors' hanging laundry is what the privileged class wants to see. If so, then the pricey real estate at BelDel obsession 30 Orchard Street is in great shape! A tipster writes: "The view from Apartment 6 at 30 Orchard St. This is what you get for $1,430,000????? Tiny bedrooms, non-existent closets. Give me a break!" Buddy, did you not get the Moss memo? [CurbedWire Inbox]

ATLANTIC YARDS?While the world awaits a court decision over the state's use of eminent domain at Atlantic Yards, a press release just went out announcing another AY lawsuit, the 936th. The details will be announced tomorrow morning, but the gist is it's a challenge to the ESDC’s approval of the Atlantic Yards Modified General Project Plan: "The suit contends that the plan was approved without sufficient study of the impacts of its extended construction schedule and completion risks. It also alleges that the ESDC has illegally delegated to FCRC much of its governmental power to determine the future content and configuration of the Project." A whole slew of local politicians and community groups are behind the suit. [CurbedWIre Inbox]

30 Orchard Street

30 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002