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NYC's Best Rental Offers of Right Now

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Everyone says it's a renters' market, but is it true? We're all about digging up the answers to those kinds of deep questions, so we went searching for big-time rental deals, incentives, and giveaways. Because our interns already hate us, we didn't force them to call up every landlord in the city. We just got in touch with some of the heavyweight companies and notable rental buildings. Know of other current deals? Kindly drop 'em in the comments. Landlords, we'll also update the list with your offers if you shoot 'em our way.

Company: Silverstein Properties
Building: Silver Towers (Hell's Kitchen)
Deal: 2 months free on a 14-month lease, 3 months on a 26-month lease.

Company: Columbus Square
Buildings: 808 Columbus Avenue, 801 Amsterdam Avenue (Upper West Side)
Deal: At 808 Columbus, 3 months free on a 17-month lease; at 801 Amsterdam it varies depending on the unit, but most 1BRs get 4 months free on a 15-month lease. Renters also get a gift package that includes free amenity access.

Company: Rockrose
Building: Archive
Deal: 1 month free on a 13-month lease and 1 month toward the broker's fee.

Company: Rose Associates
Buildings: 184 Kent (Downtown Brooklyn), 34 Berry (Downtown Brooklyn), 88 Leonard (Tribeca), and more
Deal: One month's free rent to new tenants and one month's rent to brokers as a fee.

Company: Glenwood Management
Buildings: The Fairmont (UES), Emerald Green (Midtown West), Liberty Plaza (FiDi), and others
Deal: Payment of broker's fee and 1 month free rent.

Company: Sky Management
Buildings: 163 Mulberry Street, 329 West 14th Street, 419 East 72nd Street (UES), 204 West 81st Street (UWS), and others
Deal: Free rent, prorated based on the length of the lease, starting at one month free for a one-year lease.

Company: TF Cornerstone
Buildings: 45 Wall Street (FiDi), 200 West 26th Street (West Chelsea), 455 West 37th Street (Midtown West), 4720 Center Boulevard (LIC)
Deals: 2 months free on a 14-month lease at 45 Wall Street; 1 month free on a 13-month lease at 200 West 26th Street, 2 months free on a 14-month lease at 455 West 37th Street, and 1 month free on a 13-month lease at 4720 Center Boulevard.

Building: Dwell95 (FiDi)
Deal: 1 month free and 1 month's fee to brokers, plus a $500 Amex giftcard to tenants.

Company: Time Equities
Building: 80 Nassau Street (Tribeca)
Deals: No fees and one month's free rent.

Building: 80 DeKalb (Fort Greene)
Deal: 2 months free on a 14-month lease, 3 months on a 26-month lease.

Company: Rosebud Associates
Building: The Anthem (Murray Hill)
Deal: 1 month free, 1 month's free to brokers, and "I-pod integrated in-wall stereo system from I-Holmes. which include speakers in every room, including bathrooms!"