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Announcing a Brave New World of Curbed

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In the five-plus years that Curbed's been kicking, the visual look of this site has changed little. That was, until midnight last night when the switch flipped on the aesthetic overhaul now seen before you. Do come in and make yourself comfortable.

For readers of Eater, the design will be familiar—it's a look based on the new feel brought to that family of blogs last month. For those who haven't seen this new look before, couple quick notes. We're aiming to make it easier to access recent news about individual neighborhoods—look for clear neighborhood links to the right of each post, and a full neighborhood list down the right column. We're upping the ante on maps integration, showing mapped locations alongside many posts (and, for the map obsessed amongst us, on the Giant Map that shows recent posts from all Curbed Network sites.) And we're tweaking the way user comments are displayed—guest (anonymous) comments are back, but are hidden by default. To view them, click the "Show guest comments" link at the top and bottom of each comment thread.

Meantime, while you play around with our new design, do let us know if you see anything awry. Or if you just want to vent. Or say hi. Emails to the tipline, as per usual. And, as always, our profound thanks for your support of Curbed.