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World's Largest Gummi Bears Coming to Limelight, A Guide to Holiday Pop-Up Shops

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And now, the latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Midtown East: A Racked operative checks the pre-holiday temperature at the corner of Lexington and East 56th Street, east of Madison Avenue's glam. And it's not looking promising. Four of six storefronts are vacant, the fifth is on the verge of closing, and the sixth is a psychic.

2) Gramercy/Flatiron: The Limelight Marketplace (the former church turned nightclub soon-to-turn mall) has found tenants for 45 of its 60 spaces, and perhaps the most awesome upcoming tenant is It's Sugar, a Dylan's Candy Bar rival that stocks, among other things, the world's largest gummi bear.

3) As the holiday shopping season approaches and many store landlords still remain without tenants (lookin' at you, corner of Lexington and East 56th), Racked has a map to all the holiday pop-up shops those landlords are using to fill vacancies this season.
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