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Is Restored Fifth Avenue Cupola Penthouse Too 'Creamy?'

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During its long and drawn out conversion to luxury condos, the historic 141 Fifth Avenue was hidden behind scaffolding that featured a large illustration of what the building would look like post-restoration. The wraps have been slowly coming off the Flatiron District building, and finally the cupola?there's a library and bedroom in there!?is peeking out. Only, blogger Restless writes, there's a problem:

The paint color on the penthouse dome at 141 Fifth Ave. looks off to me -- too creamy, lumpy and shiny -- but maybe they're not done, or they're hoping a hard winter will cut the greasy sheen down to a patina. Note that the rendering took the easy way out with night lighting.Creamy, lumpy and shiny. Sounds like what we had for breakfast (Cream of Wheat mixed with razor blades?it's a cleansing thing). Any fellow archigeeks wish to lodge a complaint?
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141 Fifth Avenue

141 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY