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Victoria's Secret Models Frolic in FiDi Penthouse

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You may have heard that the 10 finalists in the Victoria's Secret nationwide model search have been staying in a penthouse at FiDi condo building District, an amenity-rich development we have a bit of a thing with. Fancy digs, but in this cruel game we call "the biz," five aspiring lingerie peddlers were quickly sent packing, and now the competition has been trimmed to two. The 2,141-square-foot penthouse is on the market for $2.695 million, and sure enough there's an online listing chock full of photos via Urban Marketing. But there's another way to see the penthouse, and that's with wannabe underwear models inside, taking a break from the no doubt rigorous "Angel Boot Camp." The photos above were sent to us by a District rep, and for a building pitched to master-of-the-universe Wall Street types, this might just be the best sales pitch ever. Insert "Do they come with the penthouse?" wisecrack here.
· Listing: 111 Fulton Street #PH-107 [Urban Marketing]
· District [Official Site]
· District coverage [Curbed]


111 Fulton Street, New York, NY