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Bloomberg Actually Builds Things When Nobody's Looking

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Just in time for the election, New York Magazine checks in on New York City architecture and development during the Bloomberg years. We braced ourselves for another blistering critique. But instead of dwelling on the development delays and failures of recent years -- cough, Atlantic Yards, cough Willets Point, cough, Coney Island -- the magazine puts a positive spin on things. The Bloomberg administration has been "doggedly smuggling high-level architecture" to previously architecturally underserved neighborhoods. How devious! Bushwick has been getting community centers (right) and station houses, and Queens has a futuristic new library. Thanks to the recession, even starchitects like Annabelle Selldorf are on the short list to do city projects, so those who can't afford the $17.5 million penthouse at 200 Eleventh Avenue can still touch the stars.
· How the City is Sneaking Great Little Buildings Into Unexpected Places [NYM]