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Monday Face-Off #1: Cassa Complete on West 45th Street

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There is big news today regarding a handful of notable new facades around town, and such excitement can only lead to one thing: Curbed miniseries! And so we bring to you the Monday Face-Off, which technically should be called the Monday Face-On, but that just sounds silly. First up is Midtown hotel/condo curiosity Cassa NY, the Enrique Norten-designed former Development Du Jour that was reportedly doing brisk business despite high prices, a down market and a design partly inspired by an Egyptian obelisk. And those windows! Anyway, a Curbed tipster writes:

My office looks out on Cassa NY and i've been watching it slowly being put together... since it seems to be about done with the white exterior, i thought i'd send along a couple o' photos. It's not bad, although, it does kinda look like an iPhone and a Jenga Tower had a baby... but it's nice to have something sorta different out there, right? Hey, in Midtown, why not? That's what Jean Nouvel wants to know!

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Cassa Hotel & Residence

70 W45th Street, New York, NY 10036