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Frank Gehry's WTC Performing Arts Center: Worth Saving?

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The World Trade Center's performaing arts center, part of the site's master plan but largely forgotten in the wake of all the infighting at Ground Zero, is in dire straits. But just when all hope seems lost, the story takes a twist. Some time in the past few days (or did we really miss it the first time around?), the Times updated its story on the PAC's woes with the above preliminary design by Gehry Partners for the building?tucked between the Freedom Tower 1 World Trade Center, the extension of Greenwich Street and Norman Foster's Tower 2, at least in theory. The design could be completely outdated (Frank Gehry was selected as the architect in 2004), but it's an interesting glimpse into what could be, no? It's hard to get motivated to rally for something unseen and, perhaps, unnecessary, but now that this village-on-a-hill thing is out in the open, color us intrigued!
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