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Brooklyn Real Estate Pitchmen Hunt Russian Whale

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It's a tough time to be selling Brooklyn's most expensive apartments, so when a rich sucker well-informed connoisseur comes to town, the sharks swarm. The Post reports that the developers of Dumbo's Clocktower Building and Brooklyn Heights's One Brooklyn Bridge Park contacted Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov's representatives last week to see if he might be interested in a borough pied-a-terre. Seems a bit far-fetched, because everyone knows that Russian oligarchs only buy at The Plaza, but hey, maybe the Russian raider want a shorter drive to Nets games.

Of course the real strategy here is getting some free pub for these penthouse triplexes (both buildings have the same PR representation), and the developers are more than happy to talk up the finer qualities of their jewels?the Clocktower's $25 million supervillain's lair and One Brooklyn's $7.25 million Curtis Martin castoff?and why Prokhorov would be a perfect match. If he's really considering a Brooklyn buy, our money's on the Clocktower pad. For someone who loves to blow cash very publicly, paying the most money ever for a Brooklyn home would be a status symbol. Also, dude loves to, er, entertain, and the Clocktower penthouse could probably fit the world's tallest stripper pole.
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