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Soho's New Broadway Banksy Replacement Revealed

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A big lot at the corner of Broadway and Howard Street, formerly a shady flea market on the southeast edge of Soho and more recently a combo pissoir/bargain hunter's delight, is finally seeing some action. This block was once touted as Number 19 on a "Best Blocks" list, which got some people grumbling. Then the bad times came and this corner went from rough to ratty, courtesy of Banksy. At one point it was rumored that a luxury hotel was going in (nope, that's happening around the corner). But now, with improvements all around, the long dormant plans for a seven-story commercial building from owner and shoe king Eddie Omari and architect Peter Bafitis of RKTB are back on track.

Heavy equipment has started to dig out the dirt, contractors are on board and permits are in place for the "off-white aluminum panel clad facade, recessed aluminum windows and a woven wire mesh projecting cornice." Plus a surprise: It will include a "Motorcycle Repair Shop" on the first floor, which could be a way to comply with Soho's zany NYC Zoning Regulations. Or a ploy to keep a certain Hamptons dwelling rocker happy.
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